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Wild Game Processing & Dog Treats

Over the years we have processed many different kinds of wild game from Venison, Elk, Moose Antelope and Bear to Duck, Goose, Pheasant, Quail, Turkey, Ostrich and Emu, just to name a few.

We accept both gutted and cleaned carcasses and trim product.  Call for full details.

       Edel's Meat Market offers custom meat processing services for wild game including deer, elk, moose,antelope,bear, duck, goose, pheasant, quail, turkey and more
Wild Game Processing         ◊ Snack Sticks  
◊ Cut, Wrap and Freeze       ◊ Summer Sausage  
        ◊ Wieners  
Wild Game Processing Services       ◊ Grinding and Wrapping  
◊ Handling Charge for Saved Hide       ◊ Beef added to Ground  
◊ Removal of Horns       ◊ Pork added to Ground  
◊ Cape Mount Head       ◊ Add Cheese  
◊ Brat - Patties          
◊ Breakfast Links       Dog Treats  
◊ Bulk Breakfast Sausage       ◊ Pig Ears  
◊ Fresh Brats       ◊ Smoked Bones  
◊ Jerky (Raw weight)       ◊ Dried Bones  
◊ Polish Sausage       ◊ Bison Tendons  
◊ Ring Bologna       ◊ Bison Scapula  
◊ Rope Sausage       ◊ Jeky Treats  
◊ Smoked Brats       ◊ Bison Pizzle  

Please Note: 

All prices are on finished weight, unless otherwise noted, and are vac sealed.

Brats, Jerky, Snack Sticks and Summer Sausage are processed in a variety of flavors.  See the "Homemade Style Products" page for a list of flavors available for each product.

A $10.00 per week charge will be added to all orders left after the second week of notification of completion.

Please do not call us for a completion date.  We will give you an approximate date of completion when the carcass is delivered and we will call you when your product is ready. 

Edel's Meat Market sells quality dog treats including bones, pigs ears jerky and more. At Edel's Meat Market we also produce and sell high quality dog treats.  On your next visit don't forget to check out our selection of treats for mans best friend. Edel's Meat Market sells quality dog treats including bones, pigs ears jerky and more.
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